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    Our system didn't recognise the address. Please make sure it's correct - it can be a street address, airport, hotel name or venue.
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      Airport transfer Cologne

      Cologne-Bonn Airport as starting point of your city trip

      Cologne-Bonn Airport, also known as Konrad-Adenauer-Airport named after the first post-war chancellor of Germany, is an international airport serving one of the major European metropolitan areas, Cologne, as well as Germany’s former capital Bonn. Here, the focus lays on flights to Mediterranean Regions as well as some European Cities such as Istanbul, Rhodes or Palma de Mallorca. As old governmental airport it is still of importance for politicians as well as business people in order to conduct business travels, furthermore it is used by many tourists as gateway to the most beautiful city along the rhine.

      No time to waste

      Cologne is an exciting city with a rich historical and cultural background to explore, so that there is no time to lose at the airport when being on a city trip. Although Cologne-Bonn Airport is only about 15 kilometres away from Cologne’s city center, it might be quite time consuming to take public transportation to get into the city. Talixo offers you the possibility to book your transfer from the airport to your hotel or hostel in advance, so that long waiting times belong to the past and you even profit from attractive early-bird discounts. No matter if you are traveling on your own, as couple, family or group, we provide you the opportunity to book a taxi according to your needs. As soon as you have reached Cologne-Bonn Airport, you right step into the taxi, lean back and enjoy the first impressions of Cologne in a relaxed atmosphere. Our professional drivers will care for you and enable a fast and safe transfer to your final destination.

      Fundamental benefits of an airport transfer

      A professional airport transfer offers passengers travelling to cologne several advantages compared to public transportation:

      • You are welcomed by your driver directly at the airport holding a Talixo-sign in his hands.
      • Enjoy high driving safety, quality and punctuality as we are relying on certified taxi drivers and cars.
      • Profit from the security to plan ahead thanks to our transparent, fair fixed-prices.
      • Book your transport from or to Cologne-Bonn-Airport at any time in advance.
      • Choose between a usual taxi or an elegant limousine, both at fixed prices.
      • Be informed by your taxi driver via SMS when he has arrived the airport or hotel, so that you do not have to wait with all your luggage on the street.

      Professional airport transportation for business travellers

      On a business trip every minute is precious and punctuality is of high importance, which means that you cannot afford waiting times at Cologne-Bonn Airport. A pre-booked airport transfer guarantees you a comfortable and punctual ride at any time, even during rush hours or at midnight. Accordingly, you will reach your final destination, whether hotel, client or exhibition center, totally relaxed and on time.

      Benefits for business travellers

      Next to time savings and guaranteed availability there are several advantages from which you profit when booking your airport transfer via Talixo:

      • Thanks to the directive of VAT invoicing the booking procedure is clearly arranged and less bureaucratic.
      • After providing your company’s credit card information once all follow-up bookings are carried out fast and even more easily.
      • The multi-user function allows one account to be used from several employees so that they can easily share one taxi when being at the same place.
      • Loyal customers can profit from several discounts and advantages through our bonus system.

      Booking airport transfer to Cologne in advance

      When booking your airport transfer from or to Cologne-Bonn Airport on the day of departure a taxi will be available to you on demand at any time so that you are independent from public transfer. When even placing your booking several days or weeks in advance, you will profit from attractive discounts while reserving a taxi perfectly fitting to your needs.